Let’s begin with the important stuff: Tent Footprints.

Ok… a tent footprint?  Really?

Yes, really.

My story, its nuances, and why I am making this footprint will all come out in due time, I suspect.

In the meantime, please enjoy this simple, money-saving DIY project you too can do at home in 20 minutes!!

The Problem: Today’s tents are such fantastically gossamer lightweight marvels of engineering that it seems probable a good pinecone in the wrong place will puncture their delicate underbellies.

“Footprints” are sold for each tent to prolong their lives, but at prohibitive prices.

(if your prohibition is based on principle, anyway.)

But fear not, there is an elegant solution!  Combining recycling with ingenuity and the “good feels” of a DIY project you don’t have to bleed or even sweat for, I give you the Tent Footprint.

You can click on a photo for a slideshow!

I hope this helps us all out there to keep our overpriced tents good just a little bit longer.   More soon.  <3






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