Welcome to Yoga of Bike Tour!

What began as my blog “about how bike tour is like life, and life is like bike tour” has grown into an offering I am really proud of:

Yoga of Bike Tour is a Women’s Yoga Bike Experience. And you are invited to join us!

Covering distance on bicycle with your body-power is a powerful experience.  You push yourself, you contemplate life as your wheels spin over beautiful terrain, you grow–inwardly and also outwardly.

Yoga of Bike Tour is a place where we women can ride together, practice together, be in community, and hold space for each other to press into our limits– again both inwardly and outwardly.

Please check out the Tours Page to see past offerings and stay tuned as I develop a catalogue for 2019!

Yoga of Bike Tour was created in response to the mainstream bike tour world in which beauty of terrain and daily mileage are of primary focus, often leaving riders feeling under-supported and isolated riding with the diverse groups of strangers who sign up for group tours.

We seek group cohesiveness, mutual support for one another’s process on tour, and community-building as primary goals.  We want to be riding with like-minded friends!

Check out the Tours Page to see where you can join us.  See you soon!

To all our health!