Sierra Foothills Yoga Tour

Sacred Spring Weekend!


This weekend is a Holy weekend in a few religions and has been celebrated as a time of rebirth in many traditions for centuries.  The sun is coming back, the weather is warming– it’s the perfect time to get on your bike and set the tone for the season to come.

Beginning and ending in iconic Nevada City, California, this tour winds its way across the Bear River to Auburn, and then doubles back to visit Sivananda Yoga Farm on our way home. 

 60+ miles of riding over 3 days and two nights, gorgeous foothills scenery, skillful yoga teachers and an authentic ashram experience await us on this adventure of body, heart, and spirit in the Sierras.


Our Route...

An interactive version of this map may be found here. Red lines are the first day’s riding, blue the second, yellow the third

A video I made for the very first Yoga of Bike Tour ride in 2017:

A few words about the trip...



For April 2019,  we will be offering the same Nevada City 3-Day Loop as we rode in spring 2017.  This trip will start and end in Nevada City, riding through gorgeous Nevada County countryside and visiting two very different Yoga Centers where we’ll explore practice with a variety of teachers and styles.

4/20: We will begin our journey in beautiful and historic Nevada City, at the Golden Mandala yoga studio on Broad St. We will have an opening circle to welcome each other into the space and create a solid container to ride together for three days; setting our intentions for self-discovery along the way.  There will be a short asana class to get us in the right vibe, and we’ll take off!

We will take some lovely backroads rolling gently downhill to Auburn, landing at Yoga Reclaimed for an evening class and then a yoga-sleepover!  Rolling out our mats and sleeping bags, we can take rest in a place devoted to cultivating our True Selves.  We’ll have class again in the morning, breakfast, and then roll out!

4/21: Our next stop is Sivananda AshramYoga Farm, which has been holding the teachings of Swami Sivananda Saraswati that were brought to the United Stated in the early 50’s.  It is a bastion of life lived by traditional Raja Yoga principles, and a special treat to experience in person. We’ll get a chance to have an afternoon asana class, a delicious vegetarian supper, as well as an evening Satsang (Dharma talk) led by Swami Chankarananda with Kirtan.  In the morning we’ll have morning meditation, another delicious meal and head for home.

4/22: Back to Nevada City.

What to Bring

Your Bike!

  •  Doesn’t have to be fancy, it can even be a mountain bike if it’s all you have.  We’re not going that far. It is preferable to have a back rack mounted so we can carry some bare essentials.  This is NOT a race.  This is not a test.  This is a ride to savor and enjoy and you don’t need top shelf equipment to do that.  Please email me with any questions at all concerning equipment.  If you feel called to this ride and do not have a bike– email me.  We’ll see what we can do to get you one for the weekend.

Sleeping Bag/Sleeping pad

  • We are not only taking class but being hosted by Yoga Reclaimed in Auburn.  So we’ll need our sleeping gear– but no tents.  We will be indoors at Sivananda.


  • Always prepare for all weather conditions when touring.  Chances are we’ll know whether it will rain or not and can pack accordingly.  Bring layers.  Bring a set of on-bike/yoga (bike shorts if you rock them) clothes and a set of looser, natural-fiber off-bike clothes.  Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.
  • You can wear any type of footwear you feel comfortable pedaling in.  Longest ride will probably be 5hrs or so.

Toiletries, other essentials

  •  Toothbrush, shower items and a small towel
  • Sunscreen, moisturizer
  • JOURNAL — this is important!
  • Your excitements and your prayers.


The cost of this three-day two night journey which includes:

  • Four+ skillfully taught asana classes plus satsang and meditations
  • Two over-nights
  • Four main meals plus snacks
  • 60+ miles of bike riding in scenic Nevada County
  • New friendships with other rad women
  • Precious time to explore deep within yourself while simultaneously having a blast.

is only Sliding Scale $400-$600

Click the one of the buttons below to reserve your spot. Please choose the highest level of patronage that feels good to you.

If you want to pay cash, email me and we can work out an in-person arrangement. Or Please call me: 530-559-5153 if you have any questions at all.

About Your Leader

Kalyana has been studying yoga and spirituality since 2007, and teaching yoga for the last couple years.  She received her yoga teaching certification from Vira Bhava Yoga, in Nevada City. She’s been riding bikes forever, and has of late found herself in the position of professional Cycle Tour Leader with Adventure Cycling Association.  She has lead tours both supported and unsupported in Death Valley, New Mexico, across the whole country on the TranAmerican Trail, down the Pacific Coast, Hawaii, Cuba, and across the Yukon into Alaska. Her greatest passion is sharing the spaciousness of the open road on two wheels with others– especially women who have always dreamed of touring.  This current project fusing the magic of bike tour with the intention of yoga is her wildest dream come true.