Yoga of Bike Tour : Moving the Body, Exploring the Soul

If you’ve never been on a bike tour, allow me to try to explain some of the magic.

Something happens when you get on the bike for longer distances.  As the wind blows through your hair and the scenery rolls by;  time changes, distances change, our your mind changes–For the better. 

Your body falls into a soothing, sweaty rhythm. .  

A day in the saddle is a day to yourself.  You are the form and the function; the medium and the message..  It’s such a rare gift to have so much time alone with your thoughts.  But you get used to it quickly.

Many a wonderful idea has been hatched and life problem has been solved over the peaceful revolutions of two wheels. 


Yoga of Bike Tour seeks to build on the amazing feeling you get from bike riding longer distances, and holds space for you to stay in that zone by transition into yoga and mindfulness gracefully– maximizing your potential for deep benefits and self-discovery.

This is the point where endurance athletics and mindfulness practice intersects in a brand new way.Expect to end each day’s ride at a yoga studio. Lean your bike against the building and be welcomed to a private class themed to help you integrate what you experienced during the day’s pedal. 

 From bike to mat.  Your body primed from a day of riding as it’s never been before a yoga class. Your mind spacious as the vistas you’ve travelled over. Who knows how it will affect your practice?  Depths and heights waiting to be discovered.   So very exciting.  For me too.

We sleep at the yoga studio.  We wake to a class.  We ride again.

And we get to do this for several days in a row.  Caring for nothing but ourselves, our bodies, our well-being, our practice, the earth, the sky, the sun and wind… life on a bike is simple in all the best ways.  And utterly transformative.

This is a ride by women for women.  A container for us to push our limits (gently) and empower each woman to unapologetically explore her essential nature.

Our journey will be helped by incorporating classical teachings and points of inquiry for our miles in the saddle; and sweetened with delicious meals throughout.

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