I’m so pleased to announce a partnership with Biketernity— another most-excellent, women-owned bicycle tour company devoted to creating the most exquisite experiences on two wheels.

We’re teaming up to create a Women’s Yoga Bike Tour in Acadia National Park in Maine– a park that my family has lived near for generations and is dear to my heart.  

Down East Acadia is a most-spectacular place where the elegant infrastructure  John D Rockefeller intended for his high-society outings is ensconced in the varied natural majesty of rugged coastlines, sparkling pools, and towering trees which will be in full fall splendor when we ride.

And while its masterful mason work and artistic layout were created for the very rich, Acadia National Park is also one of the country’s first National Parks –made available for the public to enjoy as of 1919.

We’ll be riding, practicing yoga each day, and exploring all the treasures this coastal area has to offer.

It is a truly magical place of beauty, rich history, and delights I cannot wait to share with you.


Over 200 miles of coastal riding, luxurious accommodations, daily yoga, briny boat trips, mouth watering seafood, excellent camaraderie and we carry your luggage too!

The sweetest autumn ride you’ve ever dreamed of.


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And here is our location on a map, for your convenience.