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8 poses great for cycling bodies

8 poses great for cycling bodies


Yoga is known for its ability to keep us limber



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Like to keep most of the poses standing because as cyclists we don’t always have our mat nearby.  (If you are the kind of cyclist who does tend to have a mat, you might like Yoga of Bike Tour, sign-up to recieve notice of their next women’s yoga bike tours)




High Lunge

High lunge is a both groin/psoaz stretch and a backbend, which is the exact opposite of our position in the saddle with forward sloping shoulders and bent legs.  This makes it a super gratifying one to practice, especially after a day in the saddle. Adding a twisting element further elongates the muscles along our side bodies, opens up our chests, and is usually good for a few satisfying “pops” along our spine.  


Stand with feet together bring right leg one large step forward, landing with a bent knee, left foot heel raises. Keeping the hips square, lean as far into your right leg as you can without letting the bent knee go in front of your foot, while also pushing out through your back heel making a solid foundation.  When steady raise the arms overhead, and when they reach your ears you can engage your core as you take a slight backbend, keeping the ribs tucked in to protect your lower back. Take the time to stay here for 5-10 steady breaths. Feel how pressing into your feet gives the groin space to safely stretch without sinking into it with weight.


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