Every Ending is a New Beginning

I don’t know what song that line came from, but it’s apt for the moment right now.  This blog is meant to cover all that I encounter in my adventures on bike.  The yoga– the yoking together– of the observations, meditations, revelations and physical permutations of all that goes on while pedaling through this life on two wheels.

One of my major challenges in all yoga practices is regularity.  Showing up for something I care about, giving it the energy of creation each day so it can be birthed.  This is still one of the greatest lessons I have the honor to continue to practice– again and again and again.

And while I am onto another grande adventure right now (see the next posts)– I feel the need to give respect the epic journey which inspired this blog– the TransAm.  In the whirlwind of excitement that the trip’s end engendered, plus my sheer exhaustion, I forgot to properly bid adieu to this life-changing experience.

Good-bye TransAm, thank you for your asphalt baptism; forever altering the path of my life for the better.

A couple pictures:

After 93 days, my front wheel cools itself in the much-awaited Pacific Ocean.
I celebrate in good company with riders who inspired me daily to be strong.


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