An Ode to Scrap

Before I leave on this epic journey, I need to be very vulnerable and express something:

I love my dog.

 Like, a lot.

And regrettably I will have to leave him in the very-capable, very-loving arms of my beloveds and friends for nearly 4 month while I ride across country;  which I am so grateful for, but it is going to be hard, and I will miss him terribly.

So this post is dedicated to Li’l Scrap.  Because he’s the best.

He came into my life unexpectedly at the gas station in North San Juan.  Just a li’l scrap of a dog  ( see the inspiration for his name?), hanging around, stopping traffic, nearly getting hit.  He let me pet him, but wouldn’t stay long.  He lingered in my mind long after I got gas.

The next day lo’ and behold, he was there again!  And so I bought a can of cat food (as it’s pop-top andI had no can opener for dog food) and lured him into my truck.  The rest is history.

As he’s my first dog,  I have no precedent for this, but I think he’s exceptional.  I would have a “friend of an exceptional dog” bumper sticker on my truck if that were not so completely froot-loops.

I just wanted to put this out there, that I feel super-lucky to have this li’l guy as my companion and avatar.  Life is richer, more grounded, and much more fun with him on board.

I thank Spirit for bringing him into my life, and pledge to take the very best care of him I can, for as long as we can possibly be together.

Please enjoy a small Li’l Scrap gallery below!




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